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I love to offer Nia events wherever they are desired! Please contact me if you are interested in coordinating a local event!

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If you would like to host a White Belt Training, contact me anytime!  Yes!

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events for nia graduates:
Experience routine learning with group of fellow nia graduates

October    I   time  I   $
5-Stages Classes & Nia Class - Open Classes
with Nia Faculty Trainer Laurie Bass

Explore the Five mindful moves based on the stages of development.  Deepen your body knowledge, recharge your energy and experience mindful self-healing.  Excellent cross-training.  No experience necessary.  Classes are open to everybody!

Saturday March 18th - 9:00-10:00am 5-Stages Class
Saturday March 18th - 600-7:00pm  Nia Class
Sunday  March 19th - 9:00-10:00am 5-Stages Class

Cost: $15 advance online    I    $20 at the door  
Contact Jamie: 

Special Spring Break Nia Classes with Jamie Klausing
During our class break between winter and spring sessions at Northwestern Hospital I will be offering two special Nia classes just for you!

Location: Mind Body Co-op
30 N Michigan Avenue
Suite 424

Tuesday April 4th 12-1pm and Friday April 7th 9:30-10:30am  
Cost: $15 Register online here
RSVP via email or call 312-297-9981 ext 707

ExperienceMonthly group mentoring FAB - For All Belt levels.  

Winter dates TBA   I   time  I   $

Summer POP-UP Classes! 

The White Belt Training experience is the biggest Nia event hosted in Chicago. It takes place over 2 weekends and is the perfect opportunity to learn more about you, your body and the “how, why and what is Nia”? During this radically amazing week Nia classes are open to the public and this week they are POPPING-UP at Musikgarten of Oak Park.  2 Week-ends ONLY.

PLACE: Musikgarten of Oak Park  911 S Lombard Ave - Oak Park, IL

COST: POP-IN - $15/class (come as you are, or sign up here)

11:00am - Friday 8/11/17
11:00am - Saturday 8/12/17
11:00am - Sunday 8/13/17

11:00pm - Friday 8/18/17
11:00am - Saturday 8/19/17

*11:00am - Sunday 8/20/17 - FREE Community Jam Class
                                                                 * Followed by Nia Grads - lunch-munch gathering!
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